Why Should I Choose Vinyl and Egress Windows?

With the tons of choices on the market today, it’s natural to ask yourself what type of window you should be installing. We wanted to look at the interesting window type called an egress window and find out some egress window quotes when combined with vinyl. There are plenty of arguable benefits to choosing vinyl windows. Here are some great reasons to help you discover the multitude of benefits and features vinyl windows can offer for you and your home.
Vinyl’s Affordability

Vinyl windows are the best choice for replacement windows in your home 
in terms of being budget-friendly. The costs appeal to a wide-range of homeowners, not to mention the long-term cost savings! This popular material offers the best of both worlds. Affordable initial investment and an impressive return on your investment for decades. Vinyl windows bring you affordability without having to sacrifice quality. 

Superior Energy Efficiency

Vinyl windows are made from polyvinyl chlorideBy natural design, this material has an unmatched ability to prevent air from passing throughThe long term savings when considering efficiency and comfort of your home have made vinyl windows one of the most popular choices.

Industry Leading Noise Reduction 

Because of the higher R-value that occurs, noise reduction capabilities of vinyl windows are unmatchedVinyl replacement windows will offer a quieter, more comfortable home for you and your family

Super Low Maintenance

Vinyl windows are great for those who aren’t big on maintenance. Occasional cleaning with a mild soap and water mix and you are doneVinyl windows are a great choice for scratch, stain, and dent resistance with color saturation that won’t fade in the UV rays


Vinyl replacement windows offer flexible features with the versatility to compliment any design style or tasteThe wide variety of available colors and finishes allow you to choose the perfect vinyl windows to match your existing exterior. You can also showcase a whole new look with the added curb appeal of your home.


The manufacturing process presents the opportunity for makers to weld the corners of vinyl window framing. These welds provide unmatched durability within your vinyl window. The frame can certainly stand the test of time and anything mother nature can throw at it. 
When it comes to vinyl windows, the budget-friendly cost, superior energy efficiency, easy maintenance, and performance is unparalleledThis material is great for colder climates, and well as climates with a wider sweep in temperatures between summer and winterCustomization options and standard features have helped make vinyl windows an industry leader in both standards and sales

Vinyl Windows vs. Aluminum Windows

As you shop for new home windows, it’s important to carefully consider the pros and cons each material offers. How will you new windows best suit your unique needs?

Of course, you want to choose a durable material that has the aesthetic flexibility to match your existing exterior design. Or perhaps you want to showcase a brand new look for your home? Let’s take a look at vinyl vs. aluminum windows and which material comes out on top.

Vinyl Windows vs. Aluminum Windows

There are plenty of things to consider as you are comparing vinyl and aluminum window materials. Everything from regional temperatures to the desired color and design style. These factors can all impact the final decision you make for your replacement window project. Here’s what you should consider as you try to make your choice:

Design Style

Vinyl offers a polished look to the exterior of your home compared to the utilitarian look aluminum can have. Vinyl windows can also be manufactured with a wood-grain appearance for those who love the look but hate the maintenance of real wood.

In addition, vinyl is manufactured as one piece, so if it gets scratched or chipped, it won’t be as visible. Aluminum windows are typically painted or powder-coated, so these same chips and scratches will be significantly more visible as the metal shows through.

Durability and Strength

Vinyl replacement windows are incredibly durable, surpassing aluminum counterparts. Offering superior resistance to scratching and marring, as well as denting, it’s easy to see why vinyl windows are still such a popular choice. Aluminum is slightly stronger than vinyl windows, but the difference isn’t too significant.

Window Maintenance

Maintenance concerns can certainly be a huge factor in your ultimate decision for replacement windows. Vinyl materials require minimal maintenance, needing only a mild soap and water wash 1-2 times a year. Corrosion isn’t an issue with vinyl and you won’t have to worry about vinyl pitting or fading. However, it may be a problem with aluminum from time to time.

You won’t ever have to repaint or restain your vinyl windows since they are manufactured with the same color throughout. Aluminum windows will require more significant maintenance as these windows have moving parts. They need to be lubricated regularly. If painted, your aluminum windows will also need routine touch-ups between re-painting.


In most cases, aluminum windows are more expensive unless you choose the most basic of products. Vinyl is often the more affordable option and offers a better value for the cost of your window replacement project.


When looking for performance, vinyl simply can’t be beaten. Vinyl offers a considerable amount of benefits when it comes to performance, including:

  • superior noise reduction
  • excellent heat transfer resistance
  • less condensation
  • industry’s top choice for energy efficiency

Compare Quotes

If you’re trying to figure out whether or not vinyl windows are the right option for you, it’s highly recommended that you get in touch with a local professional. With some expert input, you will be able to figure out your options and choose the window that will best suit your lifestyle and unique requirements.

Vinyl Windows vs. Fiberglass Windows

The windows in your home can have a huge impact on the impression your home gives to visitors and passersby. So why not give your home the look it deserves? Making the decision to replace your windows offers far more benefits than just added curb appeal. New windows bring greater indoor comfort and improved energy efficiency for your home!
One of the biggest decisions you have to make for your window replacements is which material they should be made of. Two of the most popular choices are fiberglass and vinyl windows. But what are the differences between these two? And which material will offer the most benefits for your home. Here’s a comparison of vinyl windows vs. fiberglass windows.

Fiberglass Windows

In the vinyl windows vs. fiberglass windows debate, fiberglass windows offer slightly more strength within the material itself. This means that fiberglass windows feature slightly larger glass spaces. In some cases, this can affect the amount of light that infiltrates your home too.
Fiberglass windows also offer similar insulating qualities when compared to vinyl windows. Both do an excellent job of resisting heat transference and increasing the overall energy efficiency of your home.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl makes a great choice for your replacement windows. From affordability to incredibly low maintenance, you simply can’t go wrong.. Of course, your final costs will depend on a variety of factors. This includes the shape and size of your window, how many you are replacing, and even your regional location.
Choosing vinyl offers a more budget-friendly and versatile option when compared to fiberglass windows – which can cost up to 30% more. Vinyl windows are also lighter than fiberglass. This makes for easier installation and fewer potential problems. This might not seem like a big deal at first. However, many of the problems that occur later on are due to bad installations from improper or poor techniques. With easy installation, vinyl generally comes with less hassle.
Vinyl windows is also available in a wide range of color palettes. This gives you the versatility and flexibility to coordinate your new windows with the existing exterior of your home. You can even create a whole new look for an elevated curb appeal. Best of all, with vinyl windows, you won’t have to worry about rot or insect damages.

The Big Picture

When it comes down to it, vinyl makes a great choice for homeowners looking for replacement windowsOffering budget-friendly options with incredibly low maintenance, impressive durability, and superior energy efficiency, it’s easy to see why vinyl windows are so popular among homeowners.

Pros and Cons of Vinyl Windows

Your windows say a lot about you and your home.  Windows are one of the main factors when considering the impression your home makes on your guests. So making a well-informed decision when choosing your replacement windows is critical.

When considering which material to use for your replacement windows, vinyl should definitely be on your list! Vinyl windows offer homeowners a bevy of benefits, but they do come with some drawbacks. To help you make the best decision for your project, and home, here’s a list of the pros and cons of vinyl windows.

Pros of Vinyl Windows

The aesthetics and added curb appeal that vinyl windows add to your home are simply unsurpassed. Vinyl helps you to create a warm and inviting exterior for your home. It also features the versatility of suiting any style or type of home, from contemporary to traditional. Vinyl replacement windows come in a wide-ranging palette of colors and finishes. This will ensure that you can create a look to suit any personal taste and design style.

The durability of vinyl is unmatched too. Vinyl is invulnerable to decay and rot and needs very little maintenance to retain the great look and performance over the years. These windows are simply built to last while only needing occasional cleaning with mild soapy water.

Replacing your windows with vinyl will also help improve the value of your home and property at affordable and budget-friendly rates. If you ever decide to sell your home, you can be sure to see a suitable ROI on your investment. Vinyl replacement windows are a great choice that will appeal to a wider audience of potential home buyers.  Buyers will offer higher bids to ensure their successful purchase.

Cons of Vinyl Windows

There are a few drawbacks to choosing vinyl for your replacement window project. The few cons that homeowners should consider includes extreme weather, customization costs, and lower resale value.

Vinyl has superior durability, but extreme temperatures and weather conditions could affect the performance of this material and may not be suited for those who live in regions of extreme weather patterns.

Customization costs can prove to get expensive since this is a difficult material to shape during manufacturing. If you have extremely large windows or non-standard shapes in multiple areas of your home, customization may be the deal-breaker for your budget.

Last, but not least, while vinyl replacement windows will boost the resale value of your home and property, but the return on your investment won’t be as much as you might see with other material choices.

5 Tips on Shopping For Vinyl Windows

Shopping for vinyl windows can sometimes be an overwhelming process. With tons of customizable features, overall benefits, and distinctive characteristics, it can be easy to get lost in the details. To help you make the best choice for your home and family, here are 5 tips on shopping for vinyl windows.

1. Get The Most From Quality Materials

When it comes down to it, the quality of your vinyl is the foundation of your investment. Here are a few things to look out for when shopping for the best quality vinyl.

The extrusions for the sash and framing of your new vinyl windows should be welded to ensure durability and performance. They should also have multiple interior air chambers for added rigidity and strength. This also ensures superior insulation benefits.

2. The Truth About Glass

The quality of glass you choose for your vinyl replacement windows will greatly affect the performance of your windowsFor the maximum insulation benefits, your vinyl windows should have multiple panes of glass, with an inert gas between them. This will maximize the insulating effect of your vinyl windows. Adding a quality Low-E coating to your glass will help minimize temperature transference while protecting your belongings from fading in the UV rays.

3. Well-Written Warranty

While we never plan for things to go wrong, but sometimes it happens, making your warranty essential. When shopping for vinyl windows, it’s important to carefully consider your warranty. The best coverage includes a double lifetime warranty. This will cover any issues with the performance of your windows such as condensation accumulation between the panes of glass. If you ever decide to sell your home, this type of coverage is transferable to the new owner.

4. Vinyl Windows with Star Qualities

When shopping for vinyl windows, you want to make sure to look for an Energy Star-qualified productThis verifies that the efficiency and air tightness claims on the performance of potential vinyl windows are verified by the National Fenestration Rating Council.
Other vinyl window products may contain the Gold Seal Certification from the American Architectural Manufacturers AssociationThis means the product was subjected to strict structural-integrity testing and passed by meeting or exceeding these standards.

5. Consider Care Plans

When shopping for vinyl windows, it can be easy to start adding customization options. However, it’s important to consider how you plan to care for these windows over the years.
Most products on the market only require a gentle cleaning with a mild soap and water mixture to keep color saturation and natural beautySpecial consideration should be taken if you have more than many levels or especially large windows.
Double-hung vinyl windows with tilt-in features are the easiest of all products to clean, without the need for climbing a ladder.

Always Compare Quotes

Most of all, be sure to take a bit of time to compare quotes. Comparing quotes from local professionals is the only way to ensure you make the right choice. When you compare quotes, you get more than just a feel for the current pricing trends in your region. You also get some expert input on your unique circumstances that will ensure you make the right choice and a rate that fits your budget.