Why Should I Choose Vinyl and Egress Windows?

With the tons of choices on the market today, it’s natural to ask yourself what type of window you should be installing. We wanted to look at the interesting window type called an egress window and find out some egress window quotes when combined with vinyl. There are plenty of arguable benefits to choosing vinyl windows. Here are some great reasons to help you discover the multitude of benefits and features vinyl windows can offer for you and your home.
Vinyl’s Affordability

Vinyl windows are the best choice for replacement windows in your home 
in terms of being budget-friendly. The costs appeal to a wide-range of homeowners, not to mention the long-term cost savings! This popular material offers the best of both worlds. Affordable initial investment and an impressive return on your investment for decades. Vinyl windows bring you affordability without having to sacrifice quality. 

Superior Energy Efficiency

Vinyl windows are made from polyvinyl chlorideBy natural design, this material has an unmatched ability to prevent air from passing throughThe long term savings when considering efficiency and comfort of your home have made vinyl windows one of the most popular choices.

Industry Leading Noise Reduction 

Because of the higher R-value that occurs, noise reduction capabilities of vinyl windows are unmatchedVinyl replacement windows will offer a quieter, more comfortable home for you and your family

Super Low Maintenance

Vinyl windows are great for those who aren’t big on maintenance. Occasional cleaning with a mild soap and water mix and you are doneVinyl windows are a great choice for scratch, stain, and dent resistance with color saturation that won’t fade in the UV rays


Vinyl replacement windows offer flexible features with the versatility to compliment any design style or tasteThe wide variety of available colors and finishes allow you to choose the perfect vinyl windows to match your existing exterior. You can also showcase a whole new look with the added curb appeal of your home.


The manufacturing process presents the opportunity for makers to weld the corners of vinyl window framing. These welds provide unmatched durability within your vinyl window. The frame can certainly stand the test of time and anything mother nature can throw at it. 
When it comes to vinyl windows, the budget-friendly cost, superior energy efficiency, easy maintenance, and performance is unparalleledThis material is great for colder climates, and well as climates with a wider sweep in temperatures between summer and winterCustomization options and standard features have helped make vinyl windows an industry leader in both standards and sales